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      Corporate Culture
      Corporate Philosophy: Increase Values for Shareholders, Create Job Opportunities for Society

      This is the core value of ChemChina's corporate culture. Each ChemChina employee combines corporate growth and individual development for the prosperity of the community. They are committed to their responsibilities to shareholders and society by devoting their energy and knowledge to the development of the world chemical industry.

      Behavior Philosophy: Human Effort is the Decisive Factor

      In the rough but fruitful early years, members of ChemChina experienced a tough beginning but later witnessed one success after another. Now, the corporate motto “Human effort is the decisive factor” is well-known in the company and readily endorsed.

      Keep an open mind, strive for excellence.
      Product quality is as important as people's morality.
      Harmony brings wealth.
      Detail is the Key of Success.
      Everything is good for something.
      A hedge between keeps friendship green.
      Serve the corporate world with loyalty.
      Loyalty counts most.
      The deepest disdain goes to those who forsake principle for profit.
      Cherish life, enjoy living. We don't want profits with blood.
      Money is rewarded with recognition from society, for one's diligence and intelligence.

      It's because of such unique philosophies that all members of ChemChina feel a common bond. With a market-oriented strategy, competitive courage and determination to intensify reform and strengthen management, ChemChina is now steadily moving forward in its business growth on a harmonious and sustainable development path.

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