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      Staff Life
      Enjoy life
      Source: CPC Date: 2011-11-02
      Enjoying life should not be limited to just owning a sports car or a beach house.
      During a break from a busy life, inviting friends for a couple of drinks or going to a concert with loved ones can create true happiness while we learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.
      "We feel frustrated and exhausted during our lives. Sometimes we become anxiety-ridden. However, if we could take one moment to give ourselves a break, we would have a much better life," said Dong Zhenliang, a Changyi Petrochemical Co Ltd employee.
      There are people who relax themselves by drinking tea. Wei Bin, an employee of Huaxing Petrochemical Co Ltd, considers tea to be an indispensable part of his life as well as a way to stay healthy. He believes tea actually has its own personality like people. Everyone could find one that fits his flavor.
      (Author: Dong Zhenliang and Wei Bin)

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