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      Staff Life
      Happiness of the loneliness
      Source: CPC Date: 2011-11-11

      "I hold different feelings about solitude compared with many others. No one wants to admit he is lonely, but I will," said Pang Qichao, a Changyi Petrochemical Co Ltd. employee.

      He enjoys reading by himself on weekends and being captivated with learning of other people's stories rather than hanging out with his friends. He can discover people he has never met before and go places that he has never visited when reading books. A whole new world opens up for him.

      "In addition to reading," Pang said, "lying in bed by myself or smoking a cigarette also gives me peace." Whenever he is alone, he feels comfortable and can ignore all annoying matters. He believes people have become too impatient and reckless. It is helpful to enjoy solitude to figure things out and gain inner peace.

      He enjoys solitude considering it a magic power to escape from the outside world, so he can know more about himself and experience his life on a deeper level.

      "I'm different from others. I don't like noise and excitement. I love solitude, since it makes my mind calm like stopping water," he added.

      (Author: Pang Qichao)

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