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      Staff Life
      Safety ensures happiness
      Source: CPC Date: 2011-11-23
      Safety cannot ever be overemphasized. It may seem meaningless when people are safe, but one slight mistake in the petrochemical industry could bring serious troubles.
      Safety ensures physical well-being and mental security for friends and family. Sometimes happiness can be as simple as watching TV with your family in the evening, said Chang Hui, an employee of Qingdao Anbang Petrochemical Co Ltd.
      "Despite the regular safety training sessions by the company, tragedies do occur from time to time. Accordingly, anyone of us might suffer from a tragedy if safety issues have not been taken seriously."
      Since accidents are more likely to happen in the winter, the company attaches greater importance and drafts specific contingency measures for disaster prevention. It has also organized security drills according to locations and chemical properties of its equipment and devices.
      Safety remains necessary but invisible, just like the air. If attention paid to it is insufficient, then security and happiness could just as easily disappear.
      (Author: Mu Wenjiang and Chang Hui)
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