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      Staff Life
      The story of books
      Source: CPC Date: 2011-10-31

      Xu Yanqiu holds a little study room in her home, where she enjoys privacy from this comfortable place.

      "Whenever I sit here with a book in my hand, I'm as happy as a butterfly flying in the sun," said Xu, an employee of Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co, who remains fond of her books ever since childhood.

      "Born in a small town, I hardly had anything to read, let alone owning a book of my own. So I treasure every second of reading to absorb more knowledge, which brings me out of the town I come from and changed my life."

      "I used to imagine a world outside my town when I was reading as a little girl. Now I'm already here, but I still love reading, since books keep me curious."

      In 1999, Xu and her husband bought their house and the smaller bedroom was redecorated into a study room at her insistence. Books are like her babies, deserving the best love and care.

      Xu even possesses handmade books composed of the newspaper clippings. "I made them when I couldn't afford books," she said.

      She's different from her sisters. Xu spends more time in the bookshop than in shopping malls on weekends. Reading good books is like talking with great people. "I would feel uneasy if I didn't read a page or two every day," she said, as her eyes sparkle with joy whenever she talks about books.

      (Author: Xu Yanqiu)

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