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      Company News
      ChemChina Storage & Transportation Sets Record in Tanker Discharging and Unloading
      Source: 油氣股份有限公司 Date: 2018-08-02

      Recently, ChemChina Storage & Transportation successfully completed the discharging and unloading of Suez-class oil tanker SHENLONG SPIRIT within its loading system. During operation, ChemChina Storage & Transportation has made innovation in working mode and optimized the operation flow, thus greatly improving the unloading efficiency. The total unloading time is about one-third shorter than that of the same ship type, setting the record of the shortest unloading operation in Oil Terminal of Longkou Port.

      SHENLONG SPIRIT is 275m long, 35m longer than ordinary Aframax ships, and is the largest ship berthing here since Longkou Port was opened in 2004. At the beginning, the Port Team of the Business Department of ChemChina Storage & Transportation came to the site for communication with the Oil Terminal of Longkou Port, and took safety protection measures and unloading optimization schemes one by one based on the ship type, material characteristics and tank capacity, which not only meets the requirements of safe operation, but also improves the unloading efficiency to a maximum degree.

      After the ship is safely berthed, the Port Team cooperated with Longkou Port and Commodity Inspection Company to operate according to the agreed unloading plan, namely, 3 x 50,000 cu.m vertical storage tanks were used as receiving tanks and 1 x 20,000 cu.m vertical storage tank as standby tank. Then, it was connected with 3 oil transfer arms at the same time, with 2 line of the terminal used for unloading to the extent that other operations are not influenced. The floating trays were then lifted at the same time after the verification by Transinfo[U1] . The loading line of the reservoir area was then used for the third tank when receiving goods normally, which finally achieved the simultaneous receiving of three tanks, thus significantly saving the floating plate lifting time and maximizing the unloading rate. The operation set the record of the shortest unloading operation in Oil Terminal of Longkou Port, and was highly recognized by the owner.

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