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      Company News
      Changyi Petrochemical Achieves Zero Sewage Discharge
      Source: 油氣股份有限公司 Date: 2018-08-29

      The reclaimed water reuse project of Changyi Petrochemical was formally put into operation on August 26. After recycled and treated to satisfy specified standards, the sewage is then fed to the circulating water system instead of fresh water. So far, all the water plants and production equipment run normally, indicating that Changyi Petrochemical achieves zero sewage discharge.

      In recent years, production water consumption increases sharply as the production scale of Changyi Petrochemical expands. To tackle the challenge in up-to-standard discharge and sewage discharge reduction, and build a resource-saving and eco-friendly Changyi Petrochemical, Changyi Petrochemical launched the reclaimed water reuse project at the beginning of the year. The project is to treat sewage from the original secondary sedimentation tank via new pretreatment unit, deep treatment unit and double-membrane desalting unit, and then generate reclaimed water after mixing. The up-to-standard reclaimed water can be then used as circulating water.

      After being completed and put into operation, the reclaimed water reuse project may not only ease the pressure in urban sewage treatment and reduce Changyi Petrochemical’s cost for sewage emission, but also save a plenty of fresh water and significantly reduce the water consumption for each ton of oil. Thus, it is of great significance for the production and development of Changyi Petrochemical, as well as the protection of local water resources, brining great social and economic benefits.

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