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      Company News
      ChemChina Petrochemical Launches Sales Information Management Platform
      Source: 油氣股份有限公司 Date: 2018-09-07

      On September 6, the Sales Information Management Platform of ChemChina Petrochemical was successfully launched in Changyi Petrochemical, Huaxing Petrochemical, Zhenghe Petrochemical and Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical. Taking the improvement of ChemChina Petrochemical’s sales management as the core, the Platform further strengthens the management and control of quantity, price, contract and authority through 9 information systems such as sales platform, ERP, load and queuing. It also displays important decision-making basis such as queuing vehicle information, real-time sales information, performance completion situation in real-time through multi-dimensional data integration, and helps the management of the enterprise understand the market dynamics and achievements of the enterprise’s performance indices, thus laying a solid foundation for lean management of the enterprise.

      The successful launching of the Sales Information Management Platform is an innovation made by ChemChina Petrochemical in refining the sales process management with the help of information. The formal application of the platform has refined the sales management of ChemChina Petrochemical to every market segment and each transaction order, and realized the real-time and online data analysis and price estimation. With the comprehensive implementation of the unified price control and performance management, ChemChina Petrochemical will further consolidate its market influence position, reduce the internal consumption of affiliated enterprises, stimulate the enthusiasm of the sales personnel, form the sales force, and consolidate the foundation for the completion of the annual sales task of ChemChina Petrochemical.

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