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      Company News
      Huaxing Petrochemical’s Railway Private Siding was Successfully Merged into State Railway Network
      Source: 油氣股份有限公司 Date: 2019-03-29

      The railway private siding of Shandong Huaxing Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. was successfully merged into state railway network from the local railway line on March 21, which qualifies the company to deliver refined oil products, in addition to crude oil, directly by railway to other parts of China.

      The successful merging of the railway private siding of Huaxing Petrochemical into state railway network is of great significance for the company. It makes it possible for the company to flexibly determine the arrival time and location of raw materials and cut transportation cost in the future, and more importantly the transportation of refined oil products by railway will open a broader market space for product selling and further improve the economic benefits and market competitiveness of the company.

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