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      Media Coverage
      Han Dongyan greets delegations from ChemChina Petrochemical Corporation
      Source: Qiqihar News Date: 2011-11-05
      A discussion on how to achieve win-win results through cooperation was held during a meeting between Han Dongyan, mayor of Qiqihaer city, and delegations from ChemChina Petrochemical Corporation (CPC) led by Gao Zhiwei, the company's general manager.

      Mayor Han introduced the city's economic and social development, which "is undergoing industrialization and fast urbanization. The local government is making efforts to strengthen infrastructure projects as well as improving people's lives. The city has adjusted its local economic structure and fostered pillar industries based on a modern industrial system."

      He noted the petrochemical industry remains important for regional economic growth.

      "The city has huge potential demand for petroleum products used in company production and daily life," he said. "We hope the CPC increases its investment here and the government will provide a broad communication channel, complete services and a fair business environment," said Han.

      Gao Zhiwei expressed his agreement for enhancing strategic cooperation between the local government and companies. .
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