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      Media Coverage
      Spare no investment to realize zero emissions
      Source: China Chemical Industry News Date: 2010-04-22
      Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co Ltd has invested a total of 70 million yuan ($11 million) on environmental protection projects to transform the company into an eco-friendly and low-carbon model, according to Zhang Lijun, the company's general manager.

      The company, affiliated with ChemChina Petrochemical Corporation, has mapped out a three-year plan to reduce pollution and emissions. Company officials organized eight technology exchange meetings from 2007 to 2009, and carried out 10 projects on energy-savings and emissions-reduction.

      The company spent more than 45 million yuan making pollution emissions recycling machines to burn or utilizing the pollution for other operations. While controlling pollution, these devices turn waste into a treasure. They can reduce over 150 tons emission of sulfur dioxide each year.

      The company's equipment had been upgraded, replacing the chain furnace with circulating fluidized bed boilers which maintain higher efficiency of dust collection and functions for desulfuration. The advanced boiler has contributed significantly to annual reductions of sulfur dioxide.

      To improve the quality of discharged sewage, it costs the company 9 million yuan to reconstruct its sewage treatment plant last year and to redevelop its regulating tanks.

      Xing Liqiang, general assistant manager of the environment protection department, said the company used to have an open coal yard that was a major polluter. But the situation has changed since the company built a closed coal yard at a cost of 10 million yuan.

      "People no longer see coal dust flying on windy days. Now they see neat and clean equipment and roads. The environment in the factory has been much improved," he said.

      Company officials plan to increase greenery and build a garden-like sewage treatment plant. "The company will invest 11 million yuan to construct two units of hydrolysis acidification reactors to purify sewage and lay a foundation of zero sewage emissions while guaranteeing the healthy development of a low-carbon economy," said Zhang Lijun.
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