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      Social Responsibility Reports
      ChemChina's energy conservation week
      Source: ChemChina Date: 2011-07-01
      ChemChina recently officially announced its plan for 2011 National Energy Conservation Week, which runs June 11 to 17. This year's theme is "take action to save energy and live a new low-carbon lifestyle".

      ChemChina has told its headquarters, branches, and subsidiaries to support low-carbon production, and consumer and living habits by using newspapers, radio, the Internet, and billboards to spread the energy conservation message of "consume rationally and efficiently and minimize waste", and to raise energy conservation awareness among all staff members.

      All branches are expected to draw up a summary of their energy conservation and promotion achievements under the 11th Five-Year Plan, especially the outstanding ones that involve world-class manufacturing and continued improvements, and which result in energy-saving renovations and energy efficiency in energy-consuming devices.

      Energy conservation activities are to be conducted in groups to better support the programs. Energy conservation work during the 12th Five-Year Plan will rely on experience gained during the previous five-year plan for its design and implementation.

      At the end of energy conservation week, all subsidiaries and branches are to provide a meticulous summary of their activities and report to the Production and Management Office, before June 30.

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